CBD of the Heartland was created in the Spring of 2019 by four friends who found they had similar interests and similar problems. CBD and Aches and Pains. Our story starts in early 2019 when Debra and Deb found themselves discussing the various reasons they have used CBD products. They discovered they were not happy with the different chemicals found in their current CBD products and decided to find a better, cleaner product. After testing and sampling other products and not being satisfied with them they decided to find their own CBD supplier and start researching starting their own company. Debra and Deb contacted their friends Brittney and Chris about helping start this new business and that is when CBD of the Heartland was created.

Since the first day we have insisted that our CBD products are made from all natural ingredients with verified third party testing to back-up our claims of THC free products. We wanted to feel safe using our own products and we want our customers to feel safe with their decision to use CBD of the Heartland products. We look forward to providing you with a great chemical and toxin free CBD product that is 100% produced in the United States.